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List on Exotic Birdseeds for Free!


  1. Create an Account
  2. Log onto the Seller Portal, also accessible from My Account
  3. Click on the “Products” tab - We recommend bookmarking this page
  4. Click on the “Add Product” button 
  5. Take a picture of the front and back of your pack, include it in your listing
  6. For product name, write “(breeder name) - (pack name)
  7. Include lineage in the description box and any other important information
  8. Set your Buy Now price for the “Price”
    If you want to start an auction, the option to select Starting Bid and Reserve are in the next set of steps
    If you do not want a Buy Now price for your auction, input $1 and select the "I do not want a Buy Now option" in a few steps
  9. Select pack type (A, F, R)
  10. Select the correct breeder from the list
  11. Listing an Auction? Decide now if you want to display a "Buy Now" price.
  12. Look over the listing to ensure that all the directions are followed
  13. Click “Save Changes” to post your listing! It will be visible on the site immediately

Check the email address you registered with for notifications about your listing
We may optimize your listing to get better exposure

Activate Your Listing as an Auction

  1. Using the Seller Portal, click on the “Products” tab
  2. Find the product you want to list as an auction
  3. Click on the “” under the “Action” heading 
  4. Click on the “Add Auction” button 
  5. Select the start and end auction dates for this listing
  6. Choose your “Starting Price”
  7. Select your “Reserve Price”. Don't want one? Input Starting Bid
  8. Select your “Minimum Bid Gap”. Don't want one? Input from “$0” to “$1", increment gap $5, our default.
  9. Select if you want your auction to be started automatically, we recommend you do
  10. Select if you want to allow automatic bids, we highly recommend you do
  11. Click "Save My Postponed Auction" for future dated auctions, "Start My Start Auction" to start immediately 

Your auction will be relisted 5 x if it does not have a winner

After Your Listing Sells

  1. An email with shipping instructions will be sent after checkout  - We do not accept any other form of shipping in any other way than stated in the email
  2. A tracking number must be submitted within 72 hours
  3. Your payment will be sent out once your product is received and processed

Your payment will be sent to the address on file once your product is received & processed
A 20% Processing Fee will be deducted

If Your Listing Does Not Sell

  • Exotic Birdseeds does not charge per listing, and will auto relist products until you delete the listings
  • Get your listing featured on our Instagram page - Contact us today 

Ways to Get Banned from Exotic Birdseeds

  • Providing false information including inauthentic products
  • Creating listings without the intention of selling
  • Posting personal information in listings such as social media handles
  • Violation of instructions - listing rules, order processing instructions
  • Violation of Terms & Conditions

Failure to Abide by Rules Will Result in Transaction Failure. Exotic Birdseeds Reserves the Right to Ban Users for Any Rule Violations